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The Cardinals are obsessed with chess - A Hunt and Peck

Team building!

Scott Kane/Getty Images

Last year, ping-pong was the game sweeping through the clubhouse. This year, the Cardinals have changed gears.

To chess.

After being gifted a chess set by the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis, the team, minus Stephen Piscotty, apparently, has become obsessed. More chess sets were put in the clubhouse. Tournaments organized. Before baseball games, it would not be uncommon to see players fit in a game or two.

Per Mark Saxon of ESPN:

"It's fun to watch these guys," Matheny said. "It's causing some cohesiveness, too, the same reason we brought the pingpong table in. So guys aren't just sitting at their lockers, staring at their iPads."

As of yet, there are no reports of chess boards being flipped over in anger.

But give it time.

My suggestion for the next clubhouse game: St. Louis in a Box

St. Louis Cardinals' latest training technique: chess | St Louis Cardinals | ESPN

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