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Two years ago today, Oscar Taveras made his major league debut and it was awesome - A Hunt and Peck

Not many home runs were more beautiful than Oscar's home run in the rain.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

May 31, 2014 was an exciting day. The sky was a bit overcast and rain was in the forecast, but that did little to dampen the enthusiasm. People crowded into Busch Stadium buzzing eagerly about the day to come.

On May 31, 2014 Oscar Taveras finally made his major league debut. The right-fielder of the future was here. The anticipation was palpable.

After flying out in his first plate appearance Taveras stepped up to the plate in the fifth inning with the game still scoreless. After taking the first pitch for a ball, OT waited back on a Yusmeiro Petit changeup and, with the violent, destructive swing that had long been his calling card, pummeled it into the right-field bleachers for his first career home run. It appeared to be the first of many.

And then, as if through some sort of divine act of providence providing an extraordinary symbol of an achieved destiny, the skies opened up and rain began to fall, providing one of the more profound moments of that season, of many seasons. It was a like punctuation mark, the rain, falling to ensure that the moment seemed big, so that all who saw it knew they were seeing something worth remembering.

But enough words.

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