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Cardinals with kittens! - A Hunt and Peck

Unlikely animal friends get together for a good cause.

Cardinals Snap Chat

I stumbled upon these photos this morning on Facebook. They were posted by a Facebook Page called "Pet Rescue Services". I believe these are photos from the Cardinals Snap Chat account, but I am not very familiar with Snap Chat, so I am not really sure. Either way, they are too good to resist and include some great Carlos Martinez looks, which, with today being Tsunamy Thursday, is the most important thing. To the photos!

I had no idea Yadi's leg was all tatted up.

This makes me so happy.

El gallo y Wachamole!

I would spend more money than I should on a calendar of photos like this, just sayin'.

There is no way the cat on Rosie's shoulder is real, right?

If you are ever in a bad mood, feel free to return to this post. It is an instant mood booster.

Carlos Martinez had a kitten on his head.

Lonedell, Missouri Pet Adoption | Pet Rescue Services has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens to adopt.

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