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Adam Wainwright thinks changing the strike zone is "a horrible, horrible idea" - A Hunt and Peck

And why wouldn't he?

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Over the weekend Major League baseball's competition committee reportedly approved two proposals: one that eliminates throwing four pitches to issue an intentional walk, which is, whatever; the second being to raise the strike zone to just above the knee.

Let us focus on this second one for now.

While the true difference is only a few inches of strike zone, where the zone is shrinking is the key part. Conventional wisdom says that keeping the ball low in the zone decreases the likelihood of a ball being hit for extra bases. Decreasing that part of the zone could lead to more offense, or at least that is what Adam Wainwright believes per Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

"It's a horrible, horrible idea," he [Wainwright] said. "One, I'm a pitcher. And I'm a pitcher who likes to keep the ball low. Two, and mainly, all this talk about making the games shorter --€” what part of raising the strike zone up is going to do that? ... They want more offense. I understand that. But taking 45 seconds off for an intentional walk one out of every three games isn't going to make up for the added balls in the gap by raising the strike zone, in my opinion."

The strike zone has been artificially expanding for years. Perhaps it better serves MLB's interests to address that before making any changes.

Because if they do not, does it even really matter?

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