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Adam Wainwright is "dangerous again" - A Hunt and Peck

Adam says we can say he is "dangerous again" and I gladly will.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

There is no getting around it: Adam Wainwright had not been himself lately. Quite frankly, he was bad. Adam Wainwright was bad. That combination of words just tastes bad in the mouth. It is bitter to say and the mouth-feel is downright unpleasant. Just five days ago Ben Godar wondered if Waino had ever been this bad, and the answer was, well, no. Earlier in the season, the red baron even questioned if it was time to panic. The worrisome part was that not only was Wainwright bad, but there was no clear answer as to exactly why. Joe pinpointed his slow start to his pitching sailing up in the zone, but could Wainwright actually fix that?

His last few starts have shown moderate signs of improvement and his most recent start might be proof that Waino is not quite done yet. It was easily his best start of the year - six and two-thirds innings of shutout ball. So had Waino figured something out? August Fagerstrom of Fangraphs thinks he might have:

Wainwright looks like he's got his mechanics where he wants them, and the fastball followed suit. The curve still looks like it might need to come along a bit further for the rejuvenation to be complete, and of course Wainwright could again lose his mechanics as easily as he did in the first place, but this is a start. Wainwright's spent the year frustrated and searching. The return is still small for now, but it at least looks like he might've found something.

The "something" Waino appears to have found is a lower arm slot, which is bringing his fastball back down in the zone, an area Joe noted needed to improve. As Fagerstrom notes, the curve still needs work and this is only one start, but as of his last start, it looks like Waino might be back and none too soon.

Because the Cubs are in town and he faces them Monday night.

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