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The Cardinals have another great giveaway and I NEED it - A Hunt and Peck

Give to me this bobblehead!

The Cardinals are giving out another great giveaway and I need it in my life. I am fueled by hockey rage, Mountain Dew, and Adam Wainwright - Yadier Molina hugs. I need this. Gimme.

Dual Bobblehead |

what else is going on in baseball...

what the cardinals are up to...

the arizona diamondbacks

the nl central

viva el stuff...

other things...

weekly scoreboard:
Friday, May 13 Cardinals 4 Dodgers 8 VEB Recap TBLA Recap
Saturday, May 14 Cardinals 3 Dodgers 5 VEB Recap TBLA Recap
Sunday, May 15 Cardinals 5 Dodgers 2 VEB Recap TBLA Recap
Tuesday, May 17 Rockies 3 Cardinals 1 PR Recap VEB Recap
Wednesday, May 18 Rockies 0 Cardinals 2 PR Recap VEB Recap
Thursday, May 19 Rockies 7 Cardinals 13 PR Recap VEB Recap

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