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Tommy Pham has been optioned to Memphis and everyone is upset - A Hunt and Peck

Yeah, I do not know either, guys.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

In his first plate appearance of the season, Tommy Pham strained his left oblique. After a few weeks of recovery, he was sent down on rehab assignments in Springfield and Memphis. And the Cardinals decided, "Eh, just leave him there," I guess. On Tuesday he was optioned to Class AAA Memphis.

Now, I know what you are thinking: "Why?" But hear me out.




Yeah, I have no idea.

I guess the reason is the team decided it would rather have Jeremy Hazelbaker, which, I mean good for him, but Hazelbaker is left-handed, so it would be nice to have another righty on the roster. Then, of course, if the team does not want to send down Hazelbaker, and definitely not Aledmys Diaz, then Ruben Tejada is also on the roster... I just do not know. I do not know, friends. I cannot think of one reason.

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