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Players to wear dresses in ultimate display of toughness - A Hunt and Peck

Because you ain't played baseball until you have played it in a dress.

Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball is getting soft. Gone are the days of throwing potentially lethal pitches at players' heads, running over catchers just because, and now diving at middle-infielders legs intentionally is a thing of the past. The whole thing is a disgrace. What has become of our once great sport? It used to be the ultimate display of toughness, the last hope for our people, especially now that football has created that wimpy "concussion protocol". I want my sport back. And I know just what to do.

Put the players in dresses.

When the players wore dresses, was there whining? No. The game was tough. Every slide left a hideous bruise. Dirt would get everywhere. And there was no crying.

Look at these players:

Do these players look like they are whining about a little broken leg? No, because they are the epitome of tough.

So let's make baseball tough again. Put the players back in dresses and let baseball be played as it should be.

* This post was written in response to Blue Jays manager John Gibbons annoying Hrabosky-ian comments about the rules against sliding into the middle-infielders equating to players wearing dresses.

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