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Carlos Martinez wants you to vote for Valdimir Tarasenko! - A Hunt and Peck

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The adorable duo have each other's backs.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

We here in the Lou have been quite blessed the past few years to witness the rise of two future/current stars in their respective sports. Rising through the ranks at around the same time, Vladimir Tarasenko and Carlos Martinez were both praised for what appeared to be innate and exceptional ability at their crafts. Tarasenko had spent years in the KHL honing his skills on the ice and developing a high hockey IQ. Martinez played baseball in the Dominican Republic, where the sport is more than just that, but like a way of life, a celebration. Both are natural talents from countries that live and breathe their respective sports. Both had highly anticipated arrivals and big moments. Both are young and enthusiastic and just represent everything fans love about hockey and baseball. They are a natural pair to work together.

Last summer, Carlos Martinez needed our votes to help put him in the 2015 All Star game. Game recognizes game, and Vladimir Tarasenko was one of the first to help his cause:

Carlos Martinez would storm back to win the fan vote, besting the likes of Clayton Kershaw and Johnny Cueto in a dramatic victory. It was glorious. Now, Vladimir Tarasenko needs our votes and guess who is lending his support?

That is right. Carlos has got your back, Vladi. Tweet the hashtag #NHL17Tarasenko to vote for our favorite Russian to be on the cover of EA Sports NHL 17!

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