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All Star voting is underway! - A Hunt and Peck

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Eighteen games have been played, so of course, now is the time to use that exposure to chose the players to represent their teams at the 2016 All Star Game. Yes, it is a little too early to tell as of now, but there are some players who have already asserted themselves above the rest. Here is who should be starting the All Star Game right now based on fWAR (qualified players only):

The American League:

Starting Pitcher: Jose Quintana (1.0 fWAR)
Catcher: Salvador Perez (0.7), Brian McCann (0.7)
First Base: Joe Mauer (0.8)
Second Base: Jose Altuve (1.3)
Third Base: Manny Machado (1.6)
Shortstop: Francisco Lindor (0.9)
Outfield: Colby Rasmus (1.3), Mike Trout (1.2), Adam Eaton (1.0), Melky Cabrera (1.0), Jose Bautista (1.0)
Relief Pitchers:
Andrew Miller (0.6), Dellin Betances (0.6), Kelvin Herrera (0.5)

The National League:

Starting Pitcher: Noah Syndergaard (1.5)
Catcher: Welington Castillo (0.7)
First Base: Anthony Rizzo (0.8), Chris Carter (0.8), Wil Myers (0.8)
Second Base: Daniel Murphy (1.0)
Third Base: Nolan Arenado (1.0)
Shortstop: Brandon Crawford (0.7)*
Outfield: Dexter Fowler (2.0), Gregory Polanco (1.3), Bryce Harper (1.2)
Relief Pitchers:
Kenley Jansen (0.5), David Phelps (0.4), Tyler Wagner (0.4), Hansel Robles (0.4)

*You might notice that absent from this list is Aledmys Diaz at 1.2 fWAR, ranking seventh in all of baseball, and first among NL shortstops. That is because Fangraphs has not updated to show him as "qualified" as of this writing, is all. But just note that he technically should be there.

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