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The Cardinals have the fifth youngest roster in Major League Baseball - A Hunt and Peck

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Yes, younger than the Cubs.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Much has been said about the Cardinals age coming in to this season. At the time it seemed to be an adequate point - tough, but fair.

Except it really was not. And we at Viva el Birdos have dedicated hours of manpower to prove it. Our hard work is now vindicated. According to, here are the top five youngest teams based on their Opening Day rosters:

1. D-backs 27.0
T-2. Rays 28.0
T-2. Reds 28.0
T-2. Phillies 28.0
5. Cardinals 28.3

This number is mostly due to the youth of the Cardinals starting pitching, a group that only has three age thirty or older. The absence of Jhonny Peralta also lowers the overall age of the team.

So there you have it. The Cardinals are not old! Cousin Andrew says so.

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