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Kolten Wong wanted to be a Cardinal - A Hunt and Peck

He likes us! He really, really likes us!

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After getting dumped by Jason Heyward for basically Regina George, the Cardinal fandom expressed a combination of emotions: bitter, hurt, angry, disappointed, betrayed.

Oh, this was just me? Whoops.

Anyway, it was a real shot to the self-esteem, you know? Then I read this quote from Kolten Wong in Benjamin Hochman's article from the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

"I came to my agents and said I wanted to do an extension, because I have a lot of ties to St. Louis," Wong said during a news conference at spring training, an hour before the Cards' opener against Florida Atlantic University. "After '13, they gave me a chance to come back and really reinvent myself and show them that wasn't me. After that, I wanted to be a Cardinal. I feel like it was something I needed to do. Now, we get to step in and be a part of a bunch of brothers out there."

Kolten also had this to say:

Kolten wanted to be a Cardinal. Yeah, it is a different situation with him being drafted by the team and having more ties to it, but still - it made my heart whole again. I got my groove back.

Sorry. It is not me, Jason. It is you.

(Just kidding - I still love you, please remember me when your first opt out is available in three years!)

Hochman: Wong's desire to be a Cardinal is good to see | Benjamin Hochman |

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