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Michael Wacha likely to start the Cardinals home opener against the Brewers - A Hunt and Peck

With the rotation basically set, the tall Texan is poised to make his second home opener start for the Birdos.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Although nothing has been confirmed by Mike Matheny, in regards to the rotation the Cardinals manager says he does not plan on making any changes. Following this logic, with Adam Wainwright tabbed to make the Opening Day start, the rotation would go something like this:

  1. Wainwright
  2. Michael Wacha
  3. Mike Leake
  4. Jaime Garcia
  5. Carlos Martinez

Following this pattern and assuming no starts are skipped, this slots Wacha into starting the home opener against the Milwaukee Brewers on April 11, his second home opener start in three years. This would also give Garcia and Martinez more time to prepare before the season starts, which might be best considering each's injury history.

Wacha likely to draw home opener as Cardinals reveal plan | Derrick Goold: Bird Land |

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