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David Freese is a Pirate and it is mildly upsetting - A Hunt and Peck

But still a little exciting - I am in a glass case of emotion.

this photo makes me all tingly
this photo makes me all tingly
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

David Freese is a Cardinal legend, and he always will be. An Imo's lovin', Nelly listenin', clutch hittin', salt-of-the-earth midwestern boy, raised in St. Louis, who for a three week period or so was the best hitter in the country, playing for his home town team, all displayed on the national stage of the Major League Baseball postseason. It is the stuff of legends. [hurriedly wipes away tear]

And now, he plays for Pittsburgh, agreeing to a one-year deal worth $3 million.

It is a great deal for Pittsburgh and for Freese, and it will be terribly exciting to have Freese return to Busch Stadium, but it is still gonna sting a little seeing him in black and gold nineteen times this season.

Wait, is that an excuse to play to Freese's Game Six highlights I hear?

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