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This NHL 2017 Winter Classic promo will get you pumped for baseball - A Hunt and Peck

sometimes our interests align.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In January of 2017, Busch Stadium will be buzzing with activity as 50,000 fans crowd in to watch the hometown team take on their rivals from Chicago. You might be thinking that January seems a little cold to be playing baseball, and you would be correct. It is way too cold.

But for hockey, it is perfect.

Imagine Busch Stadium, the site of so many wonderful memories, site of two World Championships, home of the St. Louis Cardinals covered in snow with an ice rink in the middle. Actually, do not imagine it, just watch this chilling promotional video:

For years the city has been yearning to host an outdoor game only to get left out time-after-time. After the departure of the Rams, the Cardinals and the Blues came together in a display of city-unity, making the marriage of the two major sports left in St. Louis an easy decision for NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

The Winter Classic offers the Blues, Busch Stadium, and the city of St. Louis the opportunity to shine. It is terribly exciting.

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