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The hairstyles of Carlos Martinez, A Brief History - A Hunt and Peck

The hard-hitting journalism you have come to expect.


The hairstyle of Carlos Martinez has been a major point of interest around this blog. It is how he came about his fowl-inspired moniker in the first place. With his fun-loving personality and breathtaking coiffure, it was not a question of if El Gallo became a VEB darling, but when. Since I am a professional and take my journalistic endeavors on this site incredibly seriously, the storied history of Carlos Martinez's hair has not escaped the scrutiny of my investigative eye. The transformation is on full display in one of Carlos's most recent Instagram posts.

@dionistilo08 con humildad pal mundo

A photo posted by Carlos Martinez (@tsunamy0327) on

And another from my records:

Nada mas no es justin bieber con el cabello así.....yo las menores atra de mí ahora @repostapp #usssss

A photo posted by Carlos Martinez (@tsunamy0327) on

my personal favorite, however:

Llego el gallo #blublublublu llego el gallo #blublublublublu

A photo posted by Carlos Martinez (@tsunamy0327) on

I will keep the public updated as this story progresses. Until then...

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