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Which Cardinals game would you pick to relive? - A Hunt and Peck

In honor of Groundhog Day, here are some Cardinals games I would not mind living over.

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Tuesday was Groundhog Day, a day in which the shadow of a groundhog determines whether we endure six more weeks of winter, popularized by the acclaimed Bill Murray film bearing the same name. In the movie, Bill Murray must relive Groundhog Day until it has been determined by the powers that be that he learned the lesson he was supposed to learn, and thus a new definition of Groundhog's Day was created.

So anyway it got me thinking about living the same day over and over again. With this being a baseball blog, particularly a St. Louis Cardinals blog, it got me thinking about which Cardinal game I would live over and over. I think I have narrowed it down to three good choices, depending on what the exact rules of this hypothetical I created are.

1. Rules are for suckers and I pick October 4, 1968

You may recall that Bob Gibson set the ERA record that year. On this particular day he set the World Series strikeout record. I have not had the opportunity to watch this game, but seeing one of the best pitchers in history dominate a lineup is too much to pass up.

2. Oh, so I had to actually be alive when the game happened? Then I pick October 7, 2011.

That is NLDS Game 5 in layman's terms. It was one of the most exhilarating games I have ever seen in my life. Even knowing the ending does not make this game any less exciting.

3. No, I actually have to relive the day just like Groundhog day? Then I pick October 26, 2013.

Otherwise known as the Obstruction Call game. This was a pretty good game with some exciting moments and a crazy finish, but the real reason I chose it? This is the only World Series game I have ever been to. If I had to relive one day over and over again, why not pick this one, right?

Which game would you pick?

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