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Ten reasons to watch Carlos Martinez's Tsunami Waves video - A Hunt and Peck

But really, you should only need one and that is VIVA EL GALLO/TSUNAMI.

A tightly held secret around these parts is that we adore Carlos Martinez. So much so that a day of the week - Tsunamy Thursday - has been dedicated to him. Today is not Thursday, you might have noticed, but trying to contain all the glory that is Carlos Martinez to one day of the week is like trying to trap the sunlight in a mason jar. It will always escape, spreading out over miles, dazzling those that see it.

Yesterday we posted a Birdos in Brief about Carlos's charity, Tsunami Waves. If you have not watched the video yet, you totally should and here are ten reasons why...

1. It opens with awesome highlights from last season with Nelly's "Country Grammar" playing in the background.

2. You get to see Carlos chillin' with his family on the beach.

3. Carlos Martinez has so much fun and it will make your heart fill with happiness.

4. Seriously, he is the best person ever.

5. You see Carlos's childhood home.

6. WAIT, wait, wait. Rewind that. Was that a rooster I saw?

It was!

7. Carlos plays baseball with some neighborhood children.

Did he hit that left-handed? He hit that left handed.

8. There is some live-action Vitilla, a version of baseball played with a broomstick and a milk cap.

Hitting these milk caps looks literally impossible, by the way.

9. Carlos discusses his charity, Tsunami Waves, and the results of the glove drive.

10. It ends with a beautiful dedication to Oscar Taveras.

Watch the video!!!

Carlos Martinez, Nelly, and a wonderful cause. | Viva El Birdos

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