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Full team workouts have begun! - A Hunt and Peck

And I have collected sights and sounds from the first full team workout - it is just like being there, except not really.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The first full team workout was yesterday. In St. Louis, the snowfall is nearly over, but in Jupiter, Florida Cardinals gather to hit balls with bats and run sprints and lift weights. It is a beautiful thing. Soon, real spring will be upon us and the crack of bat, the smell of dirt and pine tar, the treasured site of lush, verdant grass, the sound of Matt Carpenter old-man swearing getting picked up by the microphone accidentally, the dazzling display of Adam Wainwright's extravagant dugout dances and handshakes, and the heartwarming view of Carlos Martinez's youthful and adorable antics will no longer be a distant memory. They will be real and visible and oh so welcome. Gifs will be made, Vines recorded, memes photoshopped. What a time to be alive!

Until then, please enjoy the sights and sounds from the first workout I have collected from the Twitters.

Holliday connects during BP work as #cardinals open camp #stlcards

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Molina and Kid Carson #cardinals #stlcards

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