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Will Yadier Molina be a career Cardinal? - A Hunt and Peck

Seems likely.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The longest tenured player in St. Louis and the National League wants to finish his career where he started. Beginning in 2004, Yadier Molina has played eleven consecutive seasons wearing the Birds on the Bat. Now entering the twilight of his career, the possibility of playing his whole career in one city is one the eight-time Gold Glover welcomes. Quoted by Rick Hummel of the St. Louis post Dispatch:

"I would love to (finish his career) here. I love the city, I love the team, I love the organization."

Molina currently has two years left on his contract with a mutual option for a third, potentially putting him at thirty-six years old when his contract expires.

Molina would like to finish career with Cards : Sports | STL Today

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