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The Dexter Fowler signing is about more than baseball - A Hunt and Peck

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Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Race and baseball has been a topic of discussion for awhile now. According to Mark Saxon of ESPN just 8 percent of players on the Opening Day rosters of MLB teams last year were African-American. In a city like St. Louis, the signing of Dexter Fowler is about more than baseball. Saxon writes:

"Me and my friends look up to him as not only an athlete, but a black athlete. Not many athletes playing baseball are of African-American descent," said Tommy Woods, a junior infielder at McCluer North High School. "Him being on the Cardinals is just a real inspiration. It helps us stay on top of what we have to and helps us realize there's a chance for us, and we can always keep striving."

Woods' double-play partner, Dexter Swims, agreed: "Dexter Fowler gives us hope that it's possible for us to make it that far."

Baseball is game, but sometimes it is more than that. Dexter Fowler proves why.

To St. Louis Cardinals, Dexter Fowler more than a baseball player | ESPN

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