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Cardinals! In! Costume! - A Hunt and Peck

Adam Wainwright <3


This morning in the lovely news and notes post, Alex posted a few tweets of people dressing up as Cardinals for Halloween that were retweeted by Cardinals Twitter account. Once again Matt Carpenter seems to be leading the way as far as look-a-likes goes, but Adam Wainwright dazzled for another year with his family costume. Here are all the Cardinals Halloween tweets I was able to dig up for your enjoyment!

Happy Halloween from my little sheep Kinely!

A photo posted by Matt Carpenter (@mattcarpenter13) on

#repost with @repostapp #usssss

A photo posted by Carlos Martinez (@tsunamy0327) on

Well that was fun!

the world series...

what else is going on in baseball...

what the cardinals are up to...

the nl central

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