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The Cardinals season has come to an end - A Hunt and Peck

And now we wait for spring.

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If you are reading this you are probably a Cardinals fan and probably already know that the Cardinals did not make the postseason this year. If you are reading this and are not a Cardinals fan, well you still probably know this information.

The 2016 season is over, which is a shame because, despite the frustration it sometimes brought, was perhaps some of the most fun I have had watching baseball. The dramatic, late-inning comebacks, the soul-crushing dingers, Adam Wainwright hitting doubles, the sudden emergence of rookies like Aledmys Díaz and Seung Hwan Oh, the debuts of Alex Reyes and Luke Weaver, and soooooooooo many cheap drinks from On the Run at Mobile - every night was an adventure. Just look at the final out of the season. This out is a manifestation of the 2016 Cardinals. I miss them already.

This conclusion of the season also means that we must say goodbye to Matt Holliday. Until last season, it appeared Matt Holliday has found away to defy age and human biology, but in the end Father Time comes for us all. The send off was perfect and, if the Cardinals do not end up restructuring a deal with him, a beautiful way to say goodbye.

Goodbye 2016, your chapter is closed, but baseball continues on. The Cardinals will get a nice offseason to recuperate (which honestly, after five postseasons in a row, they probably could use), and will be back again next year, ready to start again. Baseball will be played and no matter the season’s outcome it will still be lovely because it is baseball.

¡2016 is dead, viva el 2016!

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