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Battle of the uniforms: 1971 vs. 1940 - A Hunt and Peck

Vote for the best below!

Cincinnati Reds v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

A few weeks ago I posited the question: What is the best Cardinals uniform ever?

Well friends, there is only one way to find out: Battle Royale.

So, to determine the best Cardinals uniform ever, I have, with your gracious assistance, created a bracket where each uniform will duke it out until we have a winner.

(Many of you have asked about the alternate jersey the Cardinals debuted in 2013. Don't worry, folks. I have a plan. Trust the system.)

Here is the bracket, updated to reflect the winner of the previous matchup:

The 1927 uniform fought valiantly, but was not able to overcome the 2000 uni, getting doubled-up on in votes 81 to 164.

This week the voting continues with...

The 1971 uni was able to squeak into the Elite Eight with a minor upset, but it faces a behemoth in the beloved number one seed in this bracket, the 1940 uniform.

In 1971 the team ditched the button down uniform for a pullover style top and sans-a-belt pants that were popular of the time. This uniform included a scoop style neckline and simple red and blue stripes along the edges and running down the pant legs as modeled by the lovely Steve Carlton above.

Notable achievements:

  • The team finished 90-72, second behind the 97-win Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Bob Gibson threw a no-hitter in this uniform on August 14, 1971 against the Pirates
  • Joe Torre won the MVP award for his play while wearing this uniform
  • Bob Gibson was awarded a Gold Glove in 1971

The 1940 uniform took the number one seed and it is not difficult to see why. The uniform displays the beautiful simplicity we have grown to know and love with the team’s current design. The team deviated from this iconic logo a few times, but ultimately always brought is back. In 1934 the team brought back the Birds on the Bat with the city name inscribed on the front. Around 1940, the team changed the city name back to "Cardinals". The simple birds and font coupled with the red piping has made this uniform an instant classic (despite the fact that it featured a zipper in 1939). It is modeled above by who I think is Billy Southworth, the manager in 1940.

Notable achievements:

  • The 1940 team finished 84-69 for third in the National League, led by first baseman Johnny Mize with 7.4 bWAR
  • Between 1934 and 1954, the era this uniform or some similar variant was worn, the Cardinals we 1884 - 1344, good for a .577 winning percentage and went to the World Series five times, winning four times
  • The uniform is largely associated with the "Gashouse Gang" of the 1934 Cardinals, a term meant to be an insult at the team’s shabby appearance, but became a source of pride, a shot at the "aristocracy" of the American League

Vote below for the best!

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