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José Oquendo might not be coming back, you guys - A Hunt and Peck

Say it ain't so...

jose oquendo knew to hold up jhonny peralta
jose oquendo knew to hold up jhonny peralta
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

It is looking increasingly more likely that the Cardinals long-time third base coach, José Oquendo, will not be returning to the big league club in 2017. There has been a medley of speculation surrounding the reason why, but no definitive answer has yet to be proven.

It is difficult not to underappreciated the impact of a major league coach, though Oquendo might be the exception, especially after his absence during the 2016 season. The coach’s infamous aggressiveness in sending runners has provoked the ire of some fans, but mostly only endearingly so. Upon reflection, he seemed to get it right more than wrong. His ability to position the infield and instruct fielders has become legendary to the point of hyperbole (with him, anyone can play second base, you know), until this season when without his tutelage, the team ranked sixth in errors and at times looked just plain sloppy on the field.

After 27 seasons wearing the Birds on the Bat, "The Secret Weapon" will be sorely missed if he does not return. In order to commemorate his time in the organization, here are some of his most iconic moments:

Feel free to play this song in the background.


Don’t go, Oquendo, I’ll miss you...

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