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Battle of the uniforms: 1927 vs. 2000

Vote for the best below!

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

A few weeks ago I posited the question: What is the best Cardinals uniform ever?

Well friends, there is only one way to find out: Battle Royale.

So, to determine the best Cardinals uniform ever, I have, with your gracious assistance, created a bracket where each uniform will duke it out until we have a winner.

(Many of you have asked about the alternate jersey the Cardinals debuted in 2013. Don't worry, folks. I have a plan. Trust the system.)

Here is the bracket, updated to reflect the winner of the previous matchup:


1991 took down the beloved 1980 uniform in the tightest matchup thus far at 122 votes to 117. This is why we play the games.

This week the voting continues with...

This is an interesting matchup this week - a battle of past versus present, but with the present being known more of a classic look and the past being the attempt at something new and different.

The 1927 uniform was the first of its kind. It was typical of the time for reigning world champions to have it proudly displayed on their uniform, replacing the team name. The Cardinals were the first team to incorporate it into their actual logo with "World Champions" stitched around the team’s newest logo, a single cardinal perched on a bat. The results speak for themselves modeled by the lovely Pete Alexander above. The 1927 uni breezed through the first round, taking down its competitor 1956 with 87% of the vote.

Notable achievements:

  • During this offseason The Cardinals shocked baseball by trading Rogers Hornsby, long-time star, player-manager, and Cardinals shareholder, to the Giants for Frankie Frisch and Jimmy Ring
  • Frisch led the team in bWAR that season with 9.2
  • Hornsby led the Giants with 10.1
  • The Cardinals finished the season at 92-61, second in the National League

After earning a second seed with 133 votes, the 2000 uniform makes its tournament debut. This uniform is what is currently worn by the team, differing slightly from its predecessors displaying larger cardinal birds on the bat and the number on the front appearing to be smaller. With this uniform, the Cardinals have stuck to the classic and prove that sometimes less is more, the red birds, red "Cardinals" script, and yellow bat looking absolutely gorgeous against the crisp, white shirt as modeled above by the wonderful Lance Lynn.

Notable achievements:

  • Since 2000, the Birdos have made the postseason twelve times, winning the World Series twice in that span
  • The team leader in fWAR from 2000 - present is Albert Pujols at 81.4, in second place is Jim Edmonds at 42.4, and in third place and the active leader is Adam Wainwright at 38.2. Yadier Molina follows closely behind at 33.3
  • Jim Edmonds led the 2000 club in fWAR at 6.5

Vote for the best below!

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