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The Cardinals should let Trevor Rosenthal start - A Hunt and Peck


St. Louis Cardinals v Colorado Rockies Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Moving Trevor Rosenthal to the rotation is something that has been discussed a lot over the years. Rosie wants to start, he has that electric fastball, a vicious changeup, a serviceable curve, so it is easy to see the appeal. When Trevor debuted in 2012, the Birdos were a bit desperate for fresh bullpen arms, so that is where he ended up and that is where he stayed, his development as a starter a bit stunted by the quick transition. Sometimes he struggles with command. It is unknown if he can maintain his velocity as a starter (though I believe I remember reading he can). The Cardinals need quality bullpen arms. It is also easy to see the appeal of keeping Rosenthal a reliever.

There are a lot of other factors that will contribute to the club’s decision on Rosenthal. Does the team want to tender him a contract (I think they will)? Where do the Cardinals envision Alex Reyes starting the year? Does the club pick up Jaime Garcia’s option? How does the team feel about the health of Lance Lynn? The rotation has a lot of moving parts and therefore a lot of directions it could go. Ignoring all that, however, and just looking at this decision in a vacuum, it is of this writer’s opinion that the Cardinals should let Rosenthal start and the reason is simple: I think he would be really good at it.

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