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Battle of the uniforms: 1995 vs. 1980

Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Paul Nordmann/Getty Images

A few weeks ago I posited the question: What is the best Cardinals uniform ever?

Well friends, there is only one way to find out: Battle Royale.

So, to determine the best Cardinals uniform ever, I have, with your gracious assistance, created a bracket where each uniform will duke it out until we have a winner.

(Many of you have asked about the alternate jersey the Cardinals debuted in 2013. Don't worry, folks. I have a plan. Trust the system.)

Here is the bracket, updated to reflect the winner of the previous matchup.

The 1969 uniform more than lapped the fifth seeded 1981 uni to advance to the quarterfinals.

This week the voting continues with...

Both of these uniforms are slightly different variants of another popular version. 1991 (really 1995) closely resembles the uniforms of the present with just slightly smaller birds. The main change with this uniform is the discontinuation of the powder blue road unis. 1995 also brought back the button up style modeled above by Tom Henke. This uniform destroyed its competition in the first round, garnering a whopping 87% of the vote.

Notable achievements:

  • In 1995 Tom Henke recorded 300 saves, the seventh pitcher to do so
  • The 1995 team finished 62-81, fourth in the central
  • Ray Lankford was on this team
  • Wearing this uniform in 1998, Mark McGwire hit 70 home runs

The competition will be tougher this go-around as the 1980 uniform makes its tournament debut. This uni has long been beloved by the fans due to its unusual colors - the famous powder blue. The neckline also changes from a scoop to a v-neck as modeled by a man who appears to be George Hendrick. The players’ numbers also appears on the sleeve of the uniform as opposed to the front of the jersey.

Notable Achievements:

  • The 1980 team finished 74-88, fourth in the NL East
  • This team played under four different managers, with Ken Boyer famously fired in between games of a double header in Montreal
  • Despite its losing the record, the team set a record for most Silver Slugger winners: Keith Hernández (first base), Garry Templeton (shortstop), George Hendrick (outfielder), Ted Simmons (catcher), and Bob Forsch (pitcher)
  • Keith Hernandez won a Gold Glove in 1980
  • While wearing this uniform in 1982, however, the Cardinals went 92-70, defeating the Brewers in the World Series

Vote below for the best!

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