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Mike Leake joins the ten-millionaires club - A Hunt and Peck

It has been five years since we lasted visited the ten-millioniares club. So much has changed.

Michael Heiman/Getty Images

Adam Wainwright checked his hair in the mirror before tucking his plaid button down shirt into his dark Levi's. He ran his hands over the front so the shirt laid properly on his torso.

"Are you about ready, Matt?" he called out.

Seconds later Matt Holliday appeared at his side wearing a red sweater vest. Adam raised one eyebrow at him.

"What?" Matt asked, crossing his arms over his chest, "You know I cannot find sweaters that fit over my forearms."

"Fair enough," Adam replied. "Let's just get going. The others are going to meet us there."

"Where are you two going?" an eager voice asked.

"Nowhere," Adam and Matt replied in unison.

"Oh, I see. You are going there."

"Awww, don't worry, Kiddo. In two years you will be able to join us!" Matt said, ruffling the lankier man's coal-black hair.

The man walked away with his head down.

"Sure, don't invite the most valuable player on the team according to fWAR to your stupid club," he mumbled to himself.

The two men walked out to Adam's truck and after a short drive arrived at their destination. Adam flipped the keys to the valet and the pair headed inside. Waiting for them in the main hallway was a slender, fidgety man with small beady eyes.

"Mike! Glad you could make it!" Adam said, extending a hand out to the man, "Follow us. We will show you to the table."

The heels of Adam's boots clicked across the marble flooring as the men attempted to find their way through the dimly lit room. Walking past a wall lined with framed jerseys, they finally found their table. Jaime Garcia and Jhonny Peralta were already seated.

"Nice to meet you, Mike," Jaime said, shaking Mike's hand. Jhonny did the same.

"Likewise," Mike said. "So is Yadier Molina here yet?"

"He is over at the Jukebox picking out music," Jaime said. "Go ahead and have a seat."

Mike went over to the chair Jaime motioned to and hesitated.

"What's wrong?" Adam asked.

"Uh... this placecard says 'David Price' on it."

Adam's eyes widened. "Huh, that is weird," he said quickly reaching over and grabbing the placecard, crumpling it up, and throwing it over his shoulder, "Anyway, we are really happy to have you here, Mike."

"Good to be here," Mike said as he began to pull his chair toward the table. "Ughhh. Is that gum?"

"Oh, right. I should have warned you," Adam said, "that used to be Kyle Lohse's chair."

"He was a ten-millioniare?"

"Not a lot of people knew.

"Don't look now," Jaime said shading the side of his face with his hand, "but the Cubs contingent just walked in."

"Oh, they are walking now?" Adam asked, "What, did their hoverboards explode or something?"

"Hey, how's it going, fellas?" Jason Heyward asked he approached the table.

"Pretty good, Jason. How are you?" Adam asked.

"Come on, Jason. Let's go. Our table is over there," Jon Lester said pointing his thumb toward the other side of the room.

"Oh... I should go."

"Nice seeing you again, man," Adam said.

"Yeah. You too," Jason said with one last look over his shoulder.


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