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Carlos Martinez hosts a glove drive - A Hunt and Peck

Donate new or used gloves to Tsunami Waves.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Back in September, Viva el Birdos darling Carlos Martinez wrote in his blog about a glove drive his charity, Tsunami Waves, is holding. From his blog:

I personally have a second mission, and that is to give back to underprivileged kids. As you already may know, I was that kid with no glove and no spikes, but I had dreams of one day playing in the big leagues. Now that I'm capable of giving back, I'm totally involved in this cause.

With my foundation, Tsunami Waves, I donate equipment on a yearly basis to underprivileged kids in my home town Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. In efforts to collect as many gloves as possible, I'm starting a glove drive in the St. Louis area that will benefit these kids who are in need.

Last week Carlos posted a photo of the progress:

Carlos is a treasure and I feel incredibly lucky that he is a member of my favorite baseball team.

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