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Sueng-Hwan Oh strikes out the side - A Hunt and Peck

The Cardinals are close to signing the Korean righty, pending a physical.

get me the final boss
get me the final boss
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals are apparently close to signing Korean free-agent Seung-Hwan Oh. Check out our coverage so far:

Cardinals close to signing Korean pitcher Seung Hwan Oh | Viva El Birdos

An introduction to the repertoire of Seung-Hwan Oh Viva El Birdos

And here are some videos:

Overall, it appears the Cardinals will be getting a good, late-innings arm with closing experience, something that we have come to realize is important to Cardinal Manger Mike Matheny. While the move is not the incredible, free-agent splash some might have hoped the team would make, it is still exciting to see the Cardinals involved in the international player market and add some always needed depth to the bullpen.

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