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How to deal with Carlos Martinez absence induced depression - A Hunt and Peck

A guide to help us all through the healing process.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

After only seven pitches into his start on Friday, Carlos Martinez walked to the locker room, covering his face with his little, red glove. The question burned in the back of everyone's throat like that first shot of tequila on Friday night out: Are these the last pitches Carlos will throw this season?

Unfortunately, after an MRI on Saturday, that question was answered in the affirmative.

Clearly, this is devastating news for Carlos on a personal level as he was enjoying a breakout season as a starter, and is depressing news for the Cardinals as they try to head to the postseason with one of the team's top arms tied behind its back. But it is heartbreaking for you, dear readers. Not only has your favorite team been dealt a crushing blow, but now your favorite player will not been seen on game's largest stage. It sucks.

But, together we can get through this and here is how.

Step 1: Get ice cream. I suggest Ben and Jerry's chocoalte therapy, but this is totally your choice.

Step 2: Eat ice cream.

Step 3: Listen to this:

Step 4: Remind yourself that Carlos will be back next year. No surgery was necessary. This move almost seems precautionary - a way to protect a very talented, young arm.

Step 5: Read about Adam Wainwright's possible return. Adam Wainwright might be coming back! That is always fun!

Step 6: Watch Carlos in the dugout. Look at him. Look how happy he is. Look how much fun he is having! Carlos isn't going to let this bring him down and neither should you! So cheer up, Cardinal fans! Enjoy your team's quest to win 100 games for the first time in decade! Viva el Gallo!

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St. Louis Cardinals 98 58 .628 -
Pittsburgh Pirates 95 61 .609 3.0
Chicago Cubs 90 65 .581 7.5
Milwaukee Brewers 66 90 .581 32.0
Cincinnati Reds 63 92 .406 34.5
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Friday, September 25 Brewers 4 Cardinals 3 BCB Recap VEB Recap
Saturday, September 26 Brewers 1 Cardinals 5 BCB Recap VEB Recap
Sunday, September 27 Brewers 8 Cardinals 4 BCB Recap VEB Recap

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