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Randal Grichuk is kicking the other NL rookies' butts - A Hunt and Peck

The one where I support Randal Grichuk's Rookie of the Year campaign.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday night, the Reds led the Cardinals by a run with Aroldis Chapman in to pitch the ninth. Randal Grichuk was up and I tweeted something to the effect of If Grichuk hits a bomb off Chapman, I will write a post supporting his ROY campaign.

Well, he struck out.

But the following night, he did this:

<iframe src='' width='400' height='224' frameborder='0'>Your browser does not support iframes.</iframe>

And since I had nothing better to write about, I figured that was good enough.

Y'all have read enough of these posts to figure out what comes next, right?

Player A 76 277 13 0.284 0.288 0.336 0.572 0.383 148 2.7
Player B 105 437 21 0.227 0.221 0.351 0.448 0.349 126 2.6
Player C 98 425 14 0.185 0.246 0.355 0.431 0.346 121 3.6
Player D 139 639 30 0.238 0.326 0.399 0.564 0.409 167 10.3

Ah, yes, the ole "List Anonymous Players With Their Respective Stats To Make a Point" trick.  But there is a reason why this trope is so popular: It is fun! And, more importantly, it is effective in making a point really quick. And the point is, one of these players is head and shoulders above the rest, and that player would be 2012 Mike Trout, or Player D in this chart. But if we look at the people on this list that are not baseball superhumans, there is one player who is clearly out hittin' the rest and that would be the Greek god himself, Randal Grichuk - Player A.

Now, contrary to my headline above, which was crafted to get your attention, this case is not a slam-dunk. Player B, Joc Pederson is right on Grich's heels, and Player C, Kris Bryant, has technically had a better season, even if both of those players have had almost twice as many plate appearances as our soul-patched hero. As the season comes to a close, however, it is something that will draw everyone's interest, especially with all three players looking to get into the playoffs. Of course, this is also an excuse to marvel at how good Mike Trout is.

*I have not even mentioned Noah Syndergaard, who is really probably having a better season than these three hitters, but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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what the cardinals are up to...

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the milwaukee brewers

the nl central

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  • standings:

St. Louis Cardinals 69 39 .639 -
Pittsburgh Pirates 62 44 .585 6.0
Chicago Cubs 59 48 .551 9.5
Cincinnati Reds 48 58 .453 20.0
Milwaukee Brewers 47 63 .427 23.0
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other things...

weekly scoreboard:

Tuesday, August 4 Cardinals 2 Reds 3 VEB Recap RR Recap
Wednesday, August 5 Cardinals 4 Reds 3 VEB Recap RR Recap
Thursday, August 6 Cardinals 3 Reds 0 VEB Recap RR Recap

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