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Do not mess with his tower of water cups - A Hunt and Peck

Viva el Gallo.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

You might be thinking "Geez, when is this gal gonna stop writing and posting things about Carlos Martinez?" Well, the answer to that question is whenever Carlos Martinez stops doing awesome things, which will be never because he is awesome. So you are just gonna have to *put on sunglasses* deal with it.

You might remember this from a few weeks ago:

It isn't over and Michael Wacha, like an older brother, will not stop teasing Carlos and trying to knock the tower over. Papa Waino had to intervene, but even he seems kinda in on it.

Everyone's face when it gets knocked over, though. O_O

Honestly, I am kinda watching the games just to get updates on this, really.

what else is going on in baseball...

  • The Al East looks to be mighty interesting. - MLB
  • Ichiro Suzuki ties (and then passes) Ty Cobb on the All Time Hits list (counting his numbers in Japan). - MLB
  • Red Sox manager John Ferrall has been diagnosed with stage one lymphoma. Fortunately, it is curable, but will keep him out of the dugout for the remainder of the season. - MLB
  • The Beatles played at Shea Stadium fifty years ago with teenage Meryl Streep in attendance! - Cut4
  • Nine months after the Royals 2014 postseason run there is a baby boom in Kansas City. - Cut4
  • Ian Desmond murders a baseball, to Bryce Harper's amazement. - Cut4
  • Position player walks pitcher, cats and dogs living together. - Cut4
  • Major League Baseball announced a new minority hiring initiative. - Fangraphs

what the cardinals are up to...

the san francisco giants

the nl central

  • Brewers prospect David Denson reveals he is gay, becoming the first active player to do so. - MLB
  • The Cubs keep winning. - MLB
  • And move up in the power rankings. - MLB
  • Jon Lester's pickoff throws are not a big deal. - Just a bit outside
  • Standings:

St. Louis Cardinals 75 42 .641 -
Pittsburgh Pirates 69 46 .600 5.0
Chicago Cubs 67 49 .578 7.5
Cincinnati Reds 51 65 .440 23.5
Milwaukee Brewers 51 68 .429 25.0
weekend scoreboard:
Friday, August 14 Marlins 1 Cardinals 3 FS Recap VEB Recap
Saturday, August 15 Marlins 2 Cardinals 6 FS Recap VEB Recap
Sunday, August 16 Marlins 6 Cardinals 4 FS Recap VEB Recap

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