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What are the Cardinals' odds to win the World Series? - A Hunt and Peck

They are pretty good.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Bovada, we now have the most recent odds to win the World Series. The Blue Jays recent win streak has put them on top. The Cardinals odds, despite continuing to own the best record in baseball, are unchanged from the last update, mostly due to having to go through a very tough National League to even get to the World Series.


Odds to win the WS
Toronto Blue Jays 4/1
Kansas City Royals 5/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 8/1
St. Louis Cardinals 8/1
New York Mets 9/1
Houston Astros 12/1
New York Yankees 12/1
Chicago Cubs 14/1
San Francisco Giants 14/1
Washington Nationals 14/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 16/1
Los Angeles Angels 18/1
Baltimore Orioles 40/1
Tampa Bay Rays 40/1
Minnesota Twins 50/1
Detroit Tigers 66/1
Texas Rangers 66/1
Chicago White Sox 100/1
Cleveland Indians 100/1
Seattle Mariners 100/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 200/1
San Diego Padres 200/1
Boston Red Sox 300/1
Atlanta Braves 1000/1
Cincinnati Reds 1000/1
Oakland Athletics 1000/1
Colorado Rockies 2000/1
Miami Marlins 2000/1
Milwaukee Brewers 2000/1
Philadelphia Phillies 2000/1

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the nl central

St. Louis Cardinals 73 41 .640 -
Pittsburgh Pirates 66 46 .589 6.0
Chicago Cubs 65 48 .575 7.5
Cincinnati Reds 51 62 .451 21.5
Milwaukee Brewers 48 68 .414 26.0

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weekly scoreboard:

Tuesday, August 11 Pirates 3 Cardinals 4 BD Recap VEB Recap
Wednesday, August 12 Pirates 2 Cardinals 4 BD Recap VEB Recap
Thursday, August 13 Pirates 10 Cardinals 5 BD Recap VEB Recap

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