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Adam Wainwright is not a regular dad; he is a cool dad - A Hunt and Peck

Except for those cargo shorts and the shirt from Farm and Home - that is vintage dad attire right there.

The sun sets on the comfortable Tuesday evening. The girls are ready to battle it out in a friendly machine pitch softball game. But what is this? A malfunction? Whatever will they do if the machine will not work?

But look! Out of the crowd steps a hero - a six-foot-seven hero wearing a compression sleeve on his left leg and the most "dad" attire the world has ever seen.

"I can do it," the man says.

And Adam Wainwright did it. Well, sort of - he did give up nineteen runs, but considering he was pitching to his own daughters team, throwing "pipe shots" is probably the goal. - Cut4

He did tell us he would play again this year.


what else is going on in baseball...

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  • Everyone wants David Price. I want David Price, and I my team doesn't even really need him. - CBS Chicago
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  • Shout out to Arun (@ArunMizzou) from Twitter for sending me the link to this really cool article on neuroscience and baseball. - SBNation
  • José Fernadez is a dangerous man *heart emoji, heart emoji, heart emoji*. - Fangraphs

what the cardinals are up to...

  • The Cardinals promoted Stephan Piscotty. - Viva el Birdos
  • And it looks like he will be playing some first base. - Viva el Birdos
  • Some more Piscotty info. Side note: The Craig Edwards Puff Piece joke will never not be funny to me. - Fangraphs

the atlanta braves

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the nl central

  • Brandon Phillips with the vintage Brandon Phillips behind-the-back flip. - MLB
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  • Oh hey, Kris Byrant is fast. - Fangraphs
  • Standings:

St. Louis Cardinals 61 34 .642 -
Pittsburgh Pirates 55 40 .579 6.0
Chicago Cubs 51 43 .543 9.5
Cincinnati Reds 42 51 .452 18.0
Milwaukee Brewers 42 54 .438 19.5
viva el stuff...

other things...

  • Cardale Jones shut this guy down on Twitter. - SBNation

weekly scoreboard:
Tuesday, July 21 Cardinals 8 White Sox 5 VEB Recap SSS Recap
Wednesday, July 22 Cardinals 3 White Sox 2 VEB Recap SSS Recap
Thursday, July 23 Royals 3 Cardinals 4 RR Recap VEB Recap

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