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Yadier Molina has embraced Operation Full Heel - A Hunt and Peck

And so should we

Elsa/Getty Images

The 2015 All Star Game featured some of the sport's best and most exciting players. With all the talent around, however, the biggest hullabaloo, in the St. Louis area, at least, was made over something that did not happen during the field of play. See for yourself:

The gif is silent, but you still can hear the booing. Even an old friend got in on the fun:

And it wasn't just Yadier Molina that bore the full force of #OperationFullHeel. The other five players representing the Cardinals were also recipients of Cincinnati's vocal disdain as well, including literal ray of sunshine, Carlos Martinez, who just the evening before tweeted out this photo:

Congrats to @FlavaFraz21 ! Ussss #NationalLeague #HomeRunDerby. Getting ready for the parade!

— Carlos Martinez (@Tsunamy27) July 14, 2015

Despite Albert's best attempts to blend in, even he was not spared and was subjected to the fans' wrath:

Even though the National League lost, we will always have these cherished moments. Until next time, Cincy! You've been a peach! - Cut4SBNation

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weekly scoreboard:
Tuesday, July 14 American League 6 National League 3

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