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Carlos Martinez is your new favorite player - A Hunt and Peck

(If he wasn't already, that is.)

at the end of the year, i intend to post an album of sorts with the photos where yadi gives carlos this look. they are great.
at the end of the year, i intend to post an album of sorts with the photos where yadi gives carlos this look. they are great.
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On Friday it was announced that Carlos Martinez won the MLB Final Vote, making him an All Star for the first time in his young and promising career. I rarely go out of my way to vote for these sorts of things - in fact, I never did get around to voting for the All Star Game starters -  but, as many of you are aware, I was a big supporter in getting El Gallo to Cincinnati. I believe I tweeted something to the effect of "I will get Carlos Martinez to the All Star Game, if it is the last thing I do". So, to say I was happy when I heard that he made it in would be an understatement. And then, I saw this tweet from Carlos and I almost bawled my eyes out:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en">

<p lang="en" dir="ltr">Hey @el_fenomeno_18, we're going to Cincinnati. USSSS THANK YOU #CardinalNation! #ASG2015</p>

— Carlos Martinez (@Tsunamy27) <a href="">July 10, 2015</a></blockquote>



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This tweet serves as a reminder that Carlos's season, while brilliant on the mound, can not possibly be easy for him. In fact, his path to the majors has not been easy. To be able to reward him, not only for his excellent play so far, but for simply persevering is good for baseball. Carlos Martinez is good for baseball. The fans have spoken, and they say "Viva el Gallo ussssssssssssssss".

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what the cardinals are up to...

  • Nothing has struck a nerve harder than the "Carlos Martinez is immature" narrative, so when I read this article from Bernie, I wanted to shake his hand and thank him. I am just paraphrasing here, but it basically says "Carlos Martinez is a grown-ass man, not a child."  I definitely recommend reading it. Do it right now, I will wait... - STL Today
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  • Standings:

St. Louis Cardinals 56 33 .629
Pittsburgh Pirates 53 35 .602
Chicago Cubs 47 40 .540
Cincinnati Reds 39 47 .453
Milwaukee Brewers 38 52 .422
weekend scoreboard:
Friday, July 10 Cardinals 2 Pirates 5 VEB Recap BD Recap
Saturday, July 11 Cardinals 5 Pirates 6 VEB Recap BD Recap
Sunday, July 12 Cardinals 5 Pirates 6 VEB Recap BD Recap

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