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Major League Baseball changed the Home Run Derby - A Hunt and Peck

And these rules are so much better!

it is about time kolten broke out the nae nae.
it is about time kolten broke out the nae nae.
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Everyone knows about the Home Run Derby... and pretty much everyone hates it. Yes, it is fun to watch Giancarlo Stanton hit 570 foot bombs and stuff, but it is miserable and boring to have to watch ten pitches in between those bombs. It is a three-hour event that has about thirty minutes of actual action.

Well now, it is better!

Major League Baseball will continue using the same tournament-style bracket system that was implemented last year. That major difference is that instead of a set number of "outs" per round, each player will have five minutes to jack as many dongs as possible, with more time being added for achieving certain feats, such as hitting a ball 475 feet.

So why is this better than before? While the "out" system seems to fall more in line with the spirit of baseball, a clock adds the benefit of structure. Players will know approximately when they will hit and will have less time to get "cold" between hitting, should they advance. Most importantly, a clock means that it will be more advantageous for the hitters to take as many good swings as possible. This means less time between pitches, which is good, but also more big and wild swings with the increased sense of urgency, which is best. It might actually be fun! - MLB

what else is going on in baseball...

  • Speaking of Giancarlo, it looks like he will not be participating the Home Run Derby, as he is out four to six week with a broken hand *runs and cries. - MLB
  • Max Scherzer is not human. - MLB
  • Adorable Olds high-fiving! - Cute4
  • A look at why some prospects pan out and others do not. - Sports on Earth
  • Poor Robinson Cano was hit in the head and LOOK at this goose-egg. - MLB
  • The best bargains of 2015. - Fangraphs
  • Ya'll gotta see this double play. - MLB
  • Justin Nicolino of the Marlins had a tough time laying down a bunt, so his teammates got him something to help. - Cut4
  • Jeff Francoeur did something hilarious. - SBNation
  • Steven Matz has arrived. - Fangraphs

what the cardinals are up to...

  • Shoutout to flood for sending me this really cool article on Stan Musial. - Sports Illustrated
  • The Cardinals are the quickest team to fifty wins since the 2005 White Sox. - MLB
  • Jason Heyward is heating upppppp. - Sports on Earth
  • Bob Costas and Tim McCarver will call a game together. - MLB

the chicago white sox

the nl central

  • Todd Frazier wants another shot at the Home Run Derby. - MLB
  • Joey Votto does a Brandon Phillips impression. - Cut4
  • Votto has not changed his approach. - Fangraphs
  • This Starling Marte slide is wonderful. - Cut4
  • Andrew McCutchen is getting hit a lot, but he seems to have a good plan. - SBNation
  • Standings:

St. Louis Cardinals 51 24 .680
Pittsburgh Pirates 42 33 .560
Chicago Cubs 39 35 .527
Cincinnati Reds 34 40 .459
Milwaukee Brewers 29 48 .377

weekend scoreboard of fun and jubilation:
Friday, June 26 Cubs 2 Cardinals 3 BCB Recap VEB Recap
Saturday, June 27 Cubs 1 Cardinals 8 BCB Recap VEB Recap
Sunday, June 28 Cubs 1 Cardinals 4 BCB Recap VEB Recap

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