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The Cubs better back off Jason Heyward - A Hunt and Peck

Before I make them back off.

jason does not want to play near that awful ivy i just know it
jason does not want to play near that awful ivy i just know it
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Cubs are planning on making a serious run at Cardinals outfielder (see what I did there?) and apple-of-my-eye Jason Heyward. Sources say Heyward is seeking at least eight years and $20 million AAV. The Cubs appear to have the resources to make that happen:

When asked if the Cubs had enough resources to go after a top free-agent outfielder, general manager Jed Hoyer said, "We have some available resources. I think that much is clear."

And per Dayn Perry of CBS Sports:

As for payroll considerations, Heyward is going to approach $200 million this winter. The Cubs certainly have the resources to pay the going rates (and then some). Maybe they'd need to structure any such long-term deal in such a way that helps them meet self-imposed budget constraints in the here and now (something frontline free agents are usually willing to do), or maybe they lower the overall value of the contract by giving Heyward an opt-out. Whatever the case, Heyward would make an already very good Cubs team measurably better. As well, his relative youth means he'd make them better both now and for the next half-decade or so to come. That time-frame would dovetail nicely with the expected peaks of young talents like Kris Bryant and Addison Russell.

But let me warn you, Cubs, before you make any rash moves here...

I can understand why you would like my the Cardinals' guy, Jason. I mean, he plays elite defense, has a high on base percentage, tantalizing potential, and a beautiful smile. But first let me just direct you to this primer Ben Godar wrote about Jason a bit ago. Now let me direct you to these tweets in which I began a blood feud with Lookout Landing (great people and site, by the way). The Mariners wisely backed out of the Jason Heyward pursuit after that exchange.

Let me just caution you with this: never get into a blood feud with a scooter when Jason Heyward is on the line.

The choice is yours.

*examines fingernails*

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