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If it was not already, now it is time to fear the Cubs - A Hunt and Peck

Winter is coming.


In 2015, the Cardinals, winner of the National League Central, won 100 games, with the second and third place Pirates and Cubs hot on their heels with 98 and 97 wins, respectively. The Cardinals and Pirates have yet to make any major moves, meanwhile the Cubs have begun to build a terrifying juggernaut. Per Owen Watson of FOX Sports:

The Cubs head into next season with three out of 20 of this past season's best players, and that's the kind of statement that forces everyone to sit up and take serious notice. Having two position players of this caliber is rare enough for a team in a given year; having three is a foundation on which dynasties are sometimes built.

More worrisome than the incredible talent the Cubs are collecting is the age of this talent, with Jason Heyward and Anthony Rizzo at 26 years of age and Kris Bryant at only 23:

How many teams since 1950 have had three position players under 28 years old, each with greater than 5.0 WAR? Only 16. The 2016 Cubs are projected to be another, the first since the 2009 Rays. This is rare territory, in which the combination of youth and incredible talent occurs.

But with baseball, as with life, even the best laid plans can go awry. Injury, slumps, and just plain bad luck happen all the time. The only thing a team can do is put together the most talented roster they can and hope for the best. The Cubs are doing just that.

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