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I am thankful for Carlos Martinez - A Hunt and Peck

Tsunamy Thursday is coming to you a day early!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the States, so Hunt and Peck will be taking the day off. This would mean no Tsunamy Thursday, however, which is something I just cannot in good conscious allow. So I am doing what any reasonable person would do and am bringing you your weekly Carlos Martinez update a day earlier! Enjoy!

what else is going on in baseball...

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Stedman Bailey

Stedman Bailey, wide receiver for the St. Louis Rams, was shot multiple times, including two shots to the head, in a car in Florida on Tuesday evening. It has been reported that he was with his cousin and other young family members who have been referred to as "kids". Bailey has been said to be in critical, but stable condition while the other victim has suffered life-threatening injuries. While this is a baseball blog, some things transcend the boundaries of sports, as Cardinals fans unfortunately know all too well. Life is precious - sometimes that is easy to forget. Please keep Stedman Bailey and his family, especially his young son, in your thoughts.

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