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The end of an era - A Hunt and Peck

VEB thanks Overlord Humphrey.

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Dearest Benjamin,

I hope this letter finds you well. How is the family? The wheat crops look great this year. Prices have recently gone down, but Pa expects them to be on the rise soon. We are very fortunate to have baled the alfalfa before this incoming rain. It is dark and dreary and falling heavy - I think would take days to dry out had it still been down.

Of course, the point of this post is not to talk commodities - it never is, although one day it might be if I get my way. The point of it is to say how thankful I am for you. Managing a sports blog is often a thankless job. I do not think I am the only person that thinks VEB has only grown and improved since your tenure began. When the site was in chaos and needed someone to steady it, you were there and that means a lot to us all. I know that because of the hard work you have put in to continue the excellence of Dan Moore and lboros before him, we should only continue to be a great source for Cardinals related entertainment and information.

When I joined VEB two and a half years ago, I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be allowed to write my crass and juvenile thoughts for it. You gave me that opportunity, and I think overtime my thoughts have matured into actual fully-formed opinions. I just want to thank you for that. Writing for VEB has been one of my favorite things. Thank you for allowing me to write.

Thanks for everything!


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