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St. Louis Cardinals Hot Stove

We are locked out.

and by "we" I of course mean Major League Baseball players.

Should the Cardinals have Brewers-ed this offseason?

The Cardinals have gone for low-risk upgrades while the Brewers have gone for high-upside ones. Which approach should the Cardinals have taken?

The Cubs and Cardinals are interested in Jake Arrieta - A Hunt and Peck

Could the Cardinals whisk away the former Cub?

The Cardinals are still pursing Eric Hosmer AND Josh Donaldson - A Hunt and Peck

According to Jon Morosi.

Goodbye, Stephen Piscotty - A Hunt and Peck

Thanks for the curse words.

So... Should the Cardinals pursue Manny Machado? - A Hunt and Peck

That answer is always yes, but how realistic would a deal be?

Stantonless Cardinals are reportedly pursuing trade for Álex Colomé - A Hunt and Peck

And some other guys...

Cardinals Legend Anthony Reyes is fighting fires in Los Angeles - A Hunt and Peck

Hero on the field, hero off the field

Birdos go to Twitter in Stanton Campaign - A Hunt and Peck

Kolten Wong and Dexter Fowler make their arguments

The Cardinals sign a pitcher from Japan not named Shohei Ohtani...

His name is Miles Mikolas.

The Cardinals probably made the best offer for Giancarlo Stanton - A Hunt and Peck

Will it be enough?

Hey Giants, could you just let the Cardinals have Stanton, please? - A Hunt and Peck

Why do you even want Stanton anyway?

The Dodgers might be Giancarlo Santon’s top choice - A Hunt and Peck

Fortunately for the Cardinals, that might not matter.

Cardinals 40-Man Roster reaches 39 - A Hunt and Peck

Gotta leave room for Giancarlo Stanton, obviously.

Lance Lynn rejected qualifying offer from Cardinals - A Hunt and Peck

As expected

St. Louis Cardinals Trade Rumors: GIANCARLO STANTON - A Hunt and Peck

You think it will happen?

Considering Lance Lynn to the Chicago Cubs

Intra-division trading is often considered taboo, but dangling the soon-to-be free agent to the Cubs could be a smart long-term play

are the cards and yadi near an agreement?

It certainly seems like it.

ian kinsler is not a good fit for the cardinals

goodbye to brandon moss

A toast to a hero.

The need for another outfielder on the Cardinals

Entering the 2017 season with only Dexter Fowler, Randal Grichuk, Stephen Piscotty, and Tommy Pham is an unnecessary risk which the Cardinals can and should avoid.

Comparing Brian Dozier with in-house second base options

The potentially available Twins second baseman is good. Really good. Is he enough of an improvement to justify a high cost?

One year of Jose Bautista should interest the Cardinals

Sign Joey Bats! (But only for a year)

Why signing Mark Trumbo would be a very bad idea

The Orioles reportedly retracted their offer for Mark Trumbo, which the Cardinals should not consider an open invitation to pursue him.

Taking a flier on Tyson Ross

A possible low-risk, high-reward

The everlasting battle of potential versus proven commodities

Trading prospects is often wise but maybe not this year.

a trade is gonna cost A LOT

and it is kinda excitingly terrifying.

Please welcome to the stage Jarrod Dyson

As well as a few thoughts on Andrew McCutchen

The Cardinals did more things!

More decisions are being made.

The meaning of Matt Holliday in New York

Cardinals, we love you but you’re bringing us down.

justin turner anyone?

Reports are swirling that the Cardinals are interested in the third baseman, though we have been beating this drum for awhile now...

the cardinals might trade michael wacha



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