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St. Louis Cardinals History

Will the Cardinals retire #4 for Yadier Molina?

Does his new contract extension mean that Yadier Molina is the next in line for the honor of a number retirement?

The All-Time Cardinals Bracket crowns a champion

I mean, who did you expect?

The All-Time Cardinals Bracket Championship

And then there were two.

The All-Time Cardinals Bracket: The Final Four

Onward to the round of Tony Womack we go!

The All-Time Cardinals Bracket: The Elite Eight

Come vote among the contestants in the Punto Eight to determine who advances to the Womack Four.

Carlos Martinez starting on Opening Day means everything (or nothing)

What history tells us about winning the first game of the season

The All-Time Cardinals Bracket: the Sweet 16

Check out which legendary Cardinals made the Round of Lankford.

The All-Time Cardinals Bracket: Round of 32

No major upsets in round one of any tournaments over the last couple of days. Will Round 2 be any different?

Defense, speed, and the 2011 Cardinals

The central theme of this off-season has been improving facets of the Cardinals which were largely ignored in building the 2011 champions

Bob Gibson first excelled at basketball

Before Bob Gibson embarked on his Hal of Fame career for the St. Louis Cardinals, he played scholarship basketball at Creighton. Fortunately for the Cardinals and fans of baseball everywhere, he eventually chose to pursue baseball.

The All-Time Cardinals Bracket

Zombies voice It’s the tiiiiiime of the seeeeeeeason for brackets

on this day in 2013: allen craig signs extension

It was a good run.

Is Yadier Molina the greatest Cardinals catcher ever?

Has the veteran catcher passed Ted Simmons for the title of top Cardinals backstop in history?

Adam Wainwright’s rank among Cardinals pitchers

He still (hopefully) has years to add to his resume, but entering 2017, where does the veteran starter rank in Cardinals lore?

How does Yadier Molina compare to 2017’s Hall of Fame ballot catchers?

Yadier Molina’s Hall case will surely be divisive, but can 2017’s ballot results give us some idea of how he will fare?

Lesser known facts about the Cardinals and the Hall of Fame

The stuff you won’t read in the history books

The far-too-early Hall of Fame case of Scott Rolen

Scott Rolen will be a candidate for the Hall of Fame in 2018. He may face an uphill climb, but he warrants serious consideration.

Cardinals’ strikeout and walk rates over the years

Historically, the Cardinals don’t strike out a lot of batters but they don’t give a lot of free trips to first base either.

The best Cardinals teams, statistically speaking

Some rock-solid information

The greatest Cardinals one-man teams

The Cardinals are in an era in which their production is relatively evenly distributed. This hasn’t always been the case.

A brief history of Cuban Cardinals

In the Castro era, players from the baseball-rich country have been rare in Major League Baseball, but a few Cuban defectors have played for the Cardinals.

The “golden pitch” which led to the first Cardinals title

In 2016, for the eighth time in history, so-called “golden pitches” were thrown. One of the previous seven instances gave the Cardinals their first World Series win.

2011, 2006, and building the next Cardinals World Series champion

The Cardinals have won two World Series titles this century. How will they win their third?

Two distinct paths for Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez has had one of the best career starts in Cardinals history. It might be a sign of things to come, or it might not.

Seung Hwan Oh, Jeremy Hazelbaker, and the joys of the old rookie

While teenage and early-twenties phenoms are fun, late arrivals have a specific and unique charm in Cardinals and baseball lore.

on this day in 2011, the cards were 6 games back

It is has been five years since the Cardinals chased down the Braves. Let's relive it this "Way Back Wednesday".

Battle of the Uniforms: 1981 versus 1903

Can 1903 pull out the upset of all upsets?

A look back at the Matt Holliday trade

A little over seven years ago, the Cardinals acquired a future cornerstone in what was initially a stretch-run rental. With proper hindsight, how does the initial move look?

Cards news/notes: Piscotty, Diaz, and the Dodgers

A remembrance of Game 1 of the 2013 NLCS, as well as a recap of what happened on July 22, 2016 on Viva El Birdos.

Cards news/notes: Garcia, Marlins and the deadline

A recap of July 16 and 17 at Viva El Birdos.

What if the Cardinals drafted Mike Trout?

Just six picks after the Cardinals drafted, the Angels selected the best player of his generation. What if the Cardinals had drafted Mike Trout instead?

Two decades of coulda-beens in Cardinals drafts

The Cardinals drafted 32 players in the first round from 1996 through 2012, and many turned into terrific MLB players. But here's a look at what could have been in the draft.