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St. Louis Cardinals History

Dakota Hudson and a trade tree 15 years in the making

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Matt Carpenter now holds the Cardinals record for leadoff home runs

To leadoff the Cardinals game against the Rockies, Matt Carpenter went yard for the twenty-sixth time this season. It was his twenty-second time leading off a game with a home run, the most in Cardinals history. Someone named Lou Brock held the previous record of twenty-one.

Visualizing the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry

Charts galore to illustrate the history of one of the great rivalries in all of sports

Putting the Whiteyball Era into perspective

A modern-day assessment of an old-school baseball scheme

The greatest Opening Day performances in Cardinals history

Assembling an all-time Opening Day lineup

Shohei Ohtani and the Rick Ankiel precedent

The closest thing to Shohei Ohtani since Babe Ruth was Rick Ankiel. What lessons can be learned from Ankiel’s example?

The ten greatest “events” in Cardinals history

A detailed look at some big (and some little) moments for the Birds on the Bat.

The Cardinals Hall of Fame should be about more than the numbers

While Cooperstown is statistically-driven by necessity, the Hall of Fame on Clark Street doesn’t have to be

The Cardinals All-Quarter Century Team

A look at a Cardinals dream team from the past 25 seasons

Long live the Kent Bottenfield trade tree

A lineage two decades in the making continues with the departure of Randal Grichuk

The Cardinals should retire Curt Flood’s #21

It is long overdue to recognize the most important player to ever don a St. Louis Cardinals uniform.

A brief history of Cardinals one-year wonders

With big names potentially available as one-year rentals, here is a look at the best players to spend exactly one year in St. Louis

Omar Vizquel and growing appreciation for the mediocre Hall of Famer

Despite outcry over the weak-hitting shortstop’s Hall of Fame candidacy, Omar Vizquel would be nothing new in Cooperstown.

The ten greatest free agent signings of the John Mozeliak era

Which signings from the last decade were the best values for the St. Louis Cardinals?

The Cardinals should draft Albert Pujols again

The aughts made the current Cardinals goal of acquiring a superstar look so easy

Baby boomers are killing the Hall of Fame industry

Inconsistent standards for induction are keeping a generation disproportionately shut out from Cooperstown and rendering it obsolete

The ten greatest Cardinals award robberies

In honor of Cardinals who deserved some hardware

The 16 biggest plays in Cardinals history

Which plays improved the odds of a Cardinals title more than any other?

The most exciting Cardinals World Series wins (according to science)

The drama of the Fall Classic is impossible to quantify, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

Carlos Beltran’s Cardinals postseason history

With Beltran’s pursuit of his first World Series ring beginning tonight, here is a look back at how he ties into Cardinals playoff lore.

How the 2011 Cardinals invented 2017 playoff baseball

Playoff baseball used to be all about starting pitching. And then 2011 happened.

The Cardinals and the joy of meaningful baseball

By virtue of being good but not too good, the Cardinals have rarely played meaningless games in the 2010s

The true Cardinals single season home run leader

Adjusted for various circumstances, who can lay claim to having the greatest home run season in Cardinals history?

What if the Cardinals had signed Barry Bonds?

Barry Bonds went unsigned for 2008. What if the Cardinals had made the call?

Cardinals destroyed the hopes and dreams of early 2010s playoff opponents

Nobody wants to lose a playoff series, but the 2011-2013 Cardinals caused unique pain for their vanquished foes

Constructing a modern Whiteyball lineup

What would Whiteyball look like in 2017?

The legacy of Lance Lynn

For now, Lance Lynn is a Cardinal. Let’s take a moment to appreciate his contributions to the organization.

A look back at prodigy-era Albert Pujols

Young sluggers are emerging across baseball, and they’re great. But they aren’t Albert Pujols.

Considering Lance Lynn to the Chicago Cubs

Intra-division trading is often considered taboo, but dangling the soon-to-be free agent to the Cubs could be a smart long-term play

A brief history of Cardinals playoff MVPs

If MLB, like the NHL, had an MVP award for entire postseasons, which Cardinals would have taken home the hardware?


Why it is important to keep remembering Oscar Taveras

Drawing a historic parallel: Is Mike Trout better than Stan Musial?

One is the greatest player in baseball today. One is the greatest player in Cardinals history. Which will go down as the greater player?


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