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St. Louis Cardinals FBI Investigation

Punishment toughens Randy Flores’ 2017 MLB Draft task

Scouting director is already an extremely difficult job. It will now be even harder for Randy Flores in his sophomore season at the position.

Cardinals lose draft picks, fined for hacking scandal

The punishment came down, and it is pretty harsh

Cardinals’ hacking scandal isn't about fairness

Those who want draft picks or signings taken away from the Cardinals due to the hacking scandal want to see the Cardinals humbled, and it makes no sense to pretend otherwise.

Chris Correa sentenced to four years in prison

After entering a guilty plea to hacking the Houston Astros while an employee of the St. Louis Cardinals, Chris Correa was sentenced to 46 months in prison.

Cardinals hacked Astros with password "Eckstein"?

More details are coming out on Chris Correa's hacking if the Astros computer system. The password is stranger than fiction.

Should the Cardinals lose draft picks for hacking?

When Chris Correa hacked the Houston Astros multiple times, he broke federal law and will pay for his crimes. Determining an appropriate punishnment for Correa's organization is a bit more difficult.

The fall-out of Chris Correa's guilty plea today

This feels a lot like looking at the carnage after a car wreck

Chris Correa pleads guilty for hacking the Astros

After months of waiting, we have some resolution, as former Cardinals' employee Chris Correa will be indicted by the federal government and he is expected to plead guilty.

The FBI has questions about the Cards' draft

In this installment of Cardstoons, the FBI shows up when the Cardinals take a new approach to the draft.

Featured Fanshot

CNN: Charges pending in alleged Cardinals computer intrusion of Astros

"Federal investigators have recommended charges be brought against at least one St. Louis Cardinals employee implicated in the probe of an alleged computer intrusion of databases belonging to the Houston Astros, officials briefed on the investigation said Friday."

Correa firing spawns as many questions as answers

F.B.I. struggling to identify Cardinals hacker(s)

Hunt & Peck: Special FBI Investigation Edition

Because if we cannot make a joke out this, what does that say about where society is heading?

How many times did Cards employees hack Houston?

We don't know, but reports keep growing the number.

Luhnow: Stolen data wouldn't give competitive edge

'Hacking,' IP, and the Court of Public Opinion

Who is ultimately responsible doesn't really matter in cases like these, it's only who the public thinks is responsible.

Mozeliak claims ignorance, vows to punish hackers

What we know about leak of Astros info, a timeline

A not-so-quick rehash.

FBI has identified scene of the crime & suspects

Why would Cardinals employees hack the Astros?

Based on what we know so far, it appears that the motive was personal animus and not a desire for a competitive edge.

F.B.I. investigating Cardinals for hacking Astros


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