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St. Louis Cardinals books

Viva El Libros (an offseason book club): Lords of the Realm

You have spoken!

Choosing the newest Viva El Libros offseason book

Renewing the book club

Tinkers to Evers to Chance - A Hunt and Peck

The double play combo that haunted the Giants.

Viva El Libros: The Art of Fielding

A novel by Chad Harbach

Viva El Libros: The Glory of Their Times discussion

What did you think?

Viva El Libros: The Glory of Their Times...

The Story of the Early Days of Baseball Told by the Men Who Played It

The return of Viva el Libros - A Hunt and Peck

Let’s read!

Viva el Libros is BACK with October 1964!

And we are kicking it off in style.

Viva el Libros: Discussion of Bang the Drum Slowly

Let's talk about books and baseball and stuff!

Viva el Libros: Bang the Drum Slowly

“The sky was just beginning to light up a little, the quiet time when all the air is clean and you can hear birds, even in the middle of New York City, the time of day you never see except by accident, and you always tell yourself, "I must get up and appreciate this time of day once in awhile," and then you never do. Don't ask me why.”

Let's discuss The Summer of Beer and Whiskey!

What did you think of the innugural Viva el Libro?

Viva el Libros: The Summer of Beer and Whiskey

"Fireworks boomed over the stadium, splashing piercing colors into the sky that were reflected beyond center field on the Gateway Arch, symbol of the city's critical role in America's bold westward expansion. Another splendid page in St. Louis history had been written."

Viva el Libros: An introduction

A book club for our highbrow frathouse.

An Ultimate Cardinals Record Book Excerpt for Your Viewing Pleasure

An excerpt from the Ultimate Cardinals Record Book.

Chris Von der Ahe, Bob Caruthers Engage in Mustachioed Power Struggle

The story of Bob Caruthers and Chris Von der Ahe, two of the St. Louis Cardinals' most intimidating mustaches.

Viva El Birdos Baseball Annual 2012: The Maple Street Press Cardinals Annual's Editorial Successor

The 2012 Viva El Birdos Baseball Annual is the spiritual successor to the Maple Street Press Cardinals series.

Announcing the 2012 Viva El Birdos Baseball Annual

The 2012 Viva El Birdos Annual is here, featuring more St. Louis Cardinals analysis than you're likely to find anywhere else.

Official Ultimate Cardinals Record Book FAQ and Plug

The Ultimate St. Louis Cardinals Record Book is a book about the Cardinals, and their records, and Bob Caruthers.