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Cardinals Analysis

Losing with Players You Love vs. Winning Without Them

Let’s return to a hypothetical question that involves winning, losing, and our favorite players.

Wainwright and the Hall of Fame: What If?

What if we played what if with Wainwright’s career?

Quick Hits: Liberatore, Herrera, Palacios

Wednesday SOC: The Cardinals Lulled Us into Bad Analysis

The Cardinals’ history of making things go right led me to believe that nothing could go wrong.

Career Years and Andrew Knizner

Is anyone on the Cardinals having a career year? Yes. But not in the way they need.

Walker & Burleson Are Improving. Can They Be Plus Contributors in 2024?

A long answer to a question I’ve kind of obsessed over the last week.

Evaluating a Wild Trade Deadline By Outcome Tiers

The trade deadline has come and gone. With the dust settling, how did the club do?

Three Tiers of Trade Deadline Outcomes

Let’s calibrate our expectations for the trade deadline!

Pitching, Pitching, Pitching: A Complete Breakdown of Mozeliak’s Press Conference

Mozeliak had a long press conference with the media on Monday. Let’s dig into it!

Critical Developmental Failures are a Key Factor in this Lost Season (Offense)

The Cardinals have a strong history of developmental successes. Not this season!

Quick ‘N Dirty Analysis: Brendan Donovan

Donovan had a slow start to the season but has flashed more power and has had some bad luck on balls in play.

The Cardinals’ Offense Has Improved

The Cardinals have one of the best offenses in the league and one of the best we’ve seen in St. Louis in quite a while.

Oscar Mercado: Depth Can Make A Difference

Oscar Mercado is surging at just the right time for the Cardinals.

Can the Cardinals Make the Playoffs? Let’s Do the Math!

How many wins does it take to get to the playoff-making center of the National League? Let’s find out!

The Cardinals Add a Patch. And a Starter Candidate for 2024?

A disjointed look at the moves the Cardinals did and did not make yesterday.

Is This Time Different for Paul DeJong?

DeJong is back. Is he back as a different player?

Quick & Dirty Analysis: Nolan Gorman and Jordan Walker.

A quick and dirty small sample size look at the good — Nolan Gorman — and the bad — Jordan Walker — in this early season.

Ask the Experts: Minor League Q&A with Kyle Reis & the VEB Podcast (Plus a Payroll Update)

Got a question for Kyle, Blake, and Adam? Ask away! Plus I have the final numbers for the Cards’ Opening Day payroll.

3 Encouraging Signs from 1 Game

Monday’s meaningless spring game against the Astros might prove meaningful for the Cardinal’s success this season.

Three Paths for Wainwright

Adam Wainwright is returning for a final season. What should we expect? A miracle, a mistake, or a mid-point?

Lars Nootbaar is For Real. Stop Worrying About Him.

I pick apart Nootbaar’s early-season slump and his mid-season surge to find reasons to temper the hype. And fail.

So Much Rests on Flaherty’s Shoulders

No one has more on the line in 2023 than Jack Flaherty. And no one can impact the Cardinals’ season more than Jack Flaherty.

Using ZiPS to Rank the National League Contenders

ZiPS projections came out last week. Can we use them along with Depth Charts to project NL standings? Sure!

Rolen Called to the Hall of Fame & Chip Caray Calls Braves Games

It’s a BOGO article special!

Deconstructing the Cardinals Offseason (with Payroll Updates & Rankings)

A look at update payroll, Mozeliak & DeWitt’s comments from the Winter Warm-Up, and what they say about the Cardinals’ offseason plan.

Hall of Fame: Rolen vs. Arenado, Helton vs. Goldschmidt

Scott Rolen and Todd Helton are trending toward election. What does that mean for Arenado and Goldschmidt?

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down to Carlson in 2023?

How much did Carlson’s thumb/wrist injury impact his season? We can timeline it and explore 90th% exit velocity to find out!

A Crazy Christmas Defensive Concept with the Nolans

Infield shifts are now illegal. But not if you play Nolan Arenado in ... the outfield?

Busch Stadium: Still a Pitcher’s Park

While Busch Stadium’s park factors were tracking as a hitter’s park for much of the season, it ended up pretty much the same as always.

The Cardinals are Now an Offense-First Team

The Cardinals are deep with offensive talent and that’s where they continue to invest.

The Cards are Acting Like a Team Trying to Save Payroll. Why?

A payroll correction I have to make plus a look at all the ways the Cardinals are saving money.

What’s Next? (w/ Updated Payroll & Projected Depth Chart)

The Cardinals have their catcher. Are they done?