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Cardinals Analysis

The Cardinals Don’t Need a Shortstop. (And Won’t Sign One.)

The Winter Meetings start Sunday but don’t expect the Cardinals to be in on the shortstop market.

The Low/High Point: Payroll & Offseason Planning

The Cardinals have reached their payroll floor. But the numbers are higher than you’ve seen here at VEB. What now?

Who Should Be MVP?

Goldschmidt, Arenado, and Machado are finalists for MVP. Who should win?

Setting (Low) Standards for the Catcher Position

The Cardinals will have a new starter at catcher for the first time in a long time. What should we expect from the position?

Projecting the 2023 Payroll

The offseason is here! Let’s look at payroll commitments and projected budget space.

Wainwright is Undecided. Should the Cardinals Decide for Him?

No word on whether or not Wainwright will retire. Should the Cardinals move on regardless?

Sometimes Baseball Happens

Baseball happened in the Game 1 loss to the Phillies. Let’s break it down.

2022 St. Louis Cardinals: NL Central Champions

The 2022 Cardinals are NL Central Champs. What should we expect from them in the postseason?

Albert Pujols Has Gone Hunting

It’s hunting season and Pujols has his target in his sights.

Things the Cardinals Need to Do to Get Ready for the Postseason

With a solid lead in the division, the Cardinals need to turn some attention toward post-season prep.

A Path to the Division Crown: September Edition

The Cardinals did everything they needed to do in August and more to put themselves in great position to take the division.

Albert’s Amazing Age 42 Season

Albert Pujols is doing things no one should be able to do at his age on a baseball field. And making it look easy.

The Ryan Helsley Appreciation Thread

Is Ryan Helsley having the best season from a Cardinals’ reliever in history? Maybe! Let’s talk about it.

Right Field Candidates for The Rest of the Season

The Cardinals have an open spot in right field. Who should fill it?

What to Expect from Quintana and Montgomery

Let’s break down the Cardinals’ two new starters.

Cards Have to Trust Someone ... or Just Make a Move Already

Matz is down for a while and the Cardinals’ rotation has its back against the wall. It’s decision time.

VEB Pod: MLB Draft Review w/ Big Jawn Mize

Scout and VEB regular "Big Jawn Mize" joins the VEB Podcast to breakdown the Cardinals’ picks in the 2022 MLB Draft.

What is a “Contending” Rotation?

Let’s take a look at "contending" rotations since 2000 and see how the 2022 Cardinals measure up.

Making the Most out of the Bullpen

Bullpens are volatile. Can we tame this beast?

Inside the Cardinals’ Platoon Splits

The Cardinals have a deep and versatile roster. How can they make the most use of it?

The Cardinals Have a Problem at Catcher

Marmol has called out Knizner, but Molina has been one of the worst hitters in recent memory. It’s all bad for the team’s catchers.

Walker vs. Taveras vs. Carlson: A Prospect Royal Rumble

Jordan Walker is making his case as the best prospect in baseball. And the best Cardinals prospect since .......?

Small Sample Defensive Stats – Yepez, Donovan, Gorman, Edman (SS)

It’s too early for these stats to be predictive but we can tell how the rookies & Edman are faring while playing a variety of defensive positions.

A Way Too Early Look at the Standings

The Cardinals are good team. The Brewers are a good team. The NL Central is terrible.

Albert Pujols, RHP: A Statcast Analysis

Albert Pujols might have a future as a reliever. If he works hard but doesn’t try to do too much.

The Paul DeJong Post I Didn’t Want to Write

DeJong’s offensive decline is lengthy and consistent. Now he’s heading to AAA and his career is hanging on by a thread.

The Ball is Dead! A Murder Mystery

Offense is down league-wide. The evidence suggests that MLB has killed the "juiced ball" in favor of a "dead ball".

Tommy Four Bags?

Edman has 3 homers on the season. Is his early season power binge sustainable, or just another April oddity?

Choose Your Own Adventure: Dakota Hudson, 2022 Edition

Stats suggest Cardinals Starter Dakota Hudson is Great/Terrible. You choose! (Part 2.)

Pujols Blocks Everyone but That’s OK

On Pujols, Depth, and Getting What you Want but Not Realizing It

A 28-Man Roster and the Cardinals 5th Starter Race

A look at Flaherty’s situation, expanded rosters in April, and handicapping the 5th starter competition.

Cards Sign Dickerson: Finding Playing Time for Everyone

Dickerson’s signing adds depth to the outfield and DH. But how much will he cut into playing time for Yepez and Noot?