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Cardinals Analysis

Albert Pujols, RHP: A Statcast Analysis

Albert Pujols might have a future as a reliever. If he works hard but doesn’t try to do too much.

The Paul DeJong Post I Didn’t Want to Write

DeJong’s offensive decline is lengthy and consistent. Now he’s heading to AAA and his career is hanging on by a thread.

The Ball is Dead! A Murder Mystery

Offense is down league-wide. The evidence suggests that MLB has killed the "juiced ball" in favor of a "dead ball".

Tommy Four Bags?

Edman has 3 homers on the season. Is his early season power binge sustainable, or just another April oddity?

Choose Your Own Adventure: Dakota Hudson, 2022 Edition

Stats suggest Cardinals Starter Dakota Hudson is Great/Terrible. You choose! (Part 2.)

Pujols Blocks Everyone but That’s OK

On Pujols, Depth, and Getting What you Want but Not Realizing It

A 28-Man Roster and the Cardinals 5th Starter Race

A look at Flaherty’s situation, expanded rosters in April, and handicapping the 5th starter competition.

Cards Sign Dickerson: Finding Playing Time for Everyone

Dickerson’s signing adds depth to the outfield and DH. But how much will he cut into playing time for Yepez and Noot?

Opening Day Projections: Payroll & Roster

An update on the Cardinals payroll and roster as Spring Training opens.

The Lockout’s Impact on Yepez, Donovan, Others

The lockout and compressed Spring Training put recent 40-man additions between a rock and a hard place.

Stats You Need to Know: Pitching

Answering a fan-question about statistics. Part 2: Pitching

Stats You Need to Know: Offense

Answering a fan-question about statistics. Part 1: Offense.

Saturday SOC: The Full-Time Tyler O’Neill

Let’s play with Tyler O’Neill’s career stats to find out just how productive he’s been as a full-time starter.

Nolan Arenado: 4 Stats that Matter

A 2021 Season in Review, 4 stats that matter looking forward, and projections for 2022.

My 2022 Hall of Fame Ballot

I pretend to be a member of the BWAA and offer my "YES" votes on the Hall of Fame ballot.

What You Need to Know About… Brendan Donovan

Can the Cards make use of a lefty utility hitter with a Ben Zobrist-type ceiling (and a Tommy Edman floor)? Yes, they can!

Cardinals Current Depth Chart

Let’s take a hard look at the Cardinals’ current depth chart... because what else do we have to do?

Merry Lockoutmas Eve!

It’s the most wonderful season of all – lockout season!

Dylan Carlson: Three Half Seasons

In three "half seasons" of stats, Carlson has shown consistency and growth in key stats. There’s every reason to be encouraged about his future.

Cardinals Defense: 5 Gold Gloves But Not the Best DEF Team of the ERA

We revisit the DEF rankings for the best Cardinals defensive teams over the last 50 years to see where the 2021 team finished.

What You Need to Know About… Juan Yepez

What you need to know about Cardinal’s best minor league hitter in 2021 Juan Yepez and how he fits into the club’s plan for 2022.

Five Things I Want to See From Oli Marmol

The Cardinals have their new manager and he has a tall task ahead of him.

2022 Payroll & Projected Budget

Where does the budget stand for 2022? Plus some predictions on what they might do.

Should the Cardinals Extend Mike Shildt?

Manager Mike Shildt has one more season on his contract but the club is already talking extension. Should they do it?

Win with Waino or “All Hands on Deck”?

Wainwright is the Cards’ ace and workhorse. Can Shildt let him pitch his way to a loss? Or should he be aggressive with the bullpen?

The Cardinals Rarely Disappoint

Streaks, success, failure, and a Cardinals’ franchise that persistently refuses to disappoint.

“Four Critical Failures” Revisited: Have the Adjustments Worked?

The Cardinals admitted the need for major changes after Tommy Edman’s press conference in June. Have they made them?

Miles Mikolas: Almost Back (Or Almost Gone?)

Miles Mikolas performance hasn’t been good. But his rate stats are within range of normal. Is he "almost back" or "almost gone"?

Cardinals are Considering Moving the Walls at Busch

Busch’s park factors are consistently among the lowest in the league and the club is trying to change that.

Tommy “Two Bags”

Tommy Edman is ... among the league leaders in doubles? Did I hear that right?

There’s Still A Chance...

The Cardinals Entered Tuesday’s game 4 games out of the second Wild Card. How did they get here and what needs to happen now?

Dylan Carlson and 22-Year-Olds

Carlson has had a pretty good age-22 season. Where does he fit historically with Cardinal 22-year-olds?