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Cardinals Analysis

Merry Lockoutmas Eve!

It’s the most wonderful season of all – lockout season!

Dylan Carlson: Three Half Seasons

In three "half seasons" of stats, Carlson has shown consistency and growth in key stats. There’s every reason to be encouraged about his future.

Cardinals Defense: 5 Gold Gloves But Not the Best DEF Team of the ERA

We revisit the DEF rankings for the best Cardinals defensive teams over the last 50 years to see where the 2021 team finished.

What You Need to Know About… Juan Yepez

What you need to know about Cardinal’s best minor league hitter in 2021 Juan Yepez and how he fits into the club’s plan for 2022.

Five Things I Want to See From Oli Marmol

The Cardinals have their new manager and he has a tall task ahead of him.

2022 Payroll & Projected Budget

Where does the budget stand for 2022? Plus some predictions on what they might do.

Should the Cardinals Extend Mike Shildt?

Manager Mike Shildt has one more season on his contract but the club is already talking extension. Should they do it?

Win with Waino or “All Hands on Deck”?

Wainwright is the Cards’ ace and workhorse. Can Shildt let him pitch his way to a loss? Or should he be aggressive with the bullpen?

The Cardinals Rarely Disappoint

Streaks, success, failure, and a Cardinals’ franchise that persistently refuses to disappoint.

“Four Critical Failures” Revisited: Have the Adjustments Worked?

The Cardinals admitted the need for major changes after Tommy Edman’s press conference in June. Have they made them?

Miles Mikolas: Almost Back (Or Almost Gone?)

Miles Mikolas performance hasn’t been good. But his rate stats are within range of normal. Is he "almost back" or "almost gone"?

Cardinals are Considering Moving the Walls at Busch

Busch’s park factors are consistently among the lowest in the league and the club is trying to change that.

Tommy “Two Bags”

Tommy Edman is ... among the league leaders in doubles? Did I hear that right?

There’s Still A Chance...

The Cardinals Entered Tuesday’s game 4 games out of the second Wild Card. How did they get here and what needs to happen now?

Dylan Carlson and 22-Year-Olds

Carlson has had a pretty good age-22 season. Where does he fit historically with Cardinal 22-year-olds?

Resetting Priorities for the Final Third

The Cardinals can still see what happens with their playoff run while prioritizing four things for the rest of the season.

(Not) Making Sense of the Cardinals’ Trade Deadline

The Cardinals traded for Jon Lester and J.A. Happ. Why? Uh... innings?

Bader is Peaking

Bader has improved against breaking balls. And against allergens. That’s led him to peak production.

2021 Payroll Confusion & an Early 2022 Depth Chart

Does the Cardinals’ actual payroll match the current narrative? Where are they heading into the trade deadline and 2022?

A Completely Unnecessary Michael McGreevey Comp

Comps are kind of stupid and create unnecessary expectations. Let’s make some anyway!

Revisiting the Cardinals’ spin rate data

Now that MLB is checking pitchers, what do the numbers have to say?

Four Critical Failures Have Brought the Cardinals to an Organization-Defining Moment

Statements by Tommy Edman and Mike Shildt indicate systemic issues of game preparedness and accountability that have brought the Cardinals to the brink of collapse.

The Schedule Should Allow the Cardinals to Survive Until Help Can Come

The Cardinals are struggling. But the next few weeks should allow them to survive until the All-Star Break when reinforcements might be easier to find.

Doctored Balls, Confiscated Hats, and Notable Changes in Spin Rate

MLB might be cracking down on doctored balls. Significant changes in spin rate are one indicator of potential cheating. Let’s check changes in spin for notable Cardinal pitchers.

Is Justin Williams Good or Bad or What?

Williams’ offensive profile has changed after his trade to StL. Some of his stats are great. Others are among the worst in the league. What’s going on with him?

The Cardinals Should …uh …Do Something!

The Cardinals have major issues with the bullpen and bench depth. They need to do something about it! Ok. Like what?

Walk Rate Trends Under Mike Maddux

The Cardinals have given up the most walks in baseball. Walks have trended up in the Maddux era. But it’s not likely to continue at this extreme rate.

Don’t Worry about Paul Goldschmidt. Yet.

Goldy has had a slow start to the season but there are enough positive indicators to believe he’ll bounce back and soon.

The Best Age 39 or Older Seasons By a Starting Pitcher

And why Adam Wainwright could be "John Smoltz" good this season but will never be "Randy Johnson" great.

The Scott Hurst Article You Didn’t Know You Needed

Among the Cardinals long list of reserve outfielders over the years, Scott Hurst stands apart.

Tyler O’Neill is Running out of Time

O’Neill has had a terrible start to the season. Now he is on the IL. He has a short window to prove himself or the Cards will likely move on without him.

Ponce de Leon - Extreme Fastball Pitcher?

Ponce de Leon featured a dramatic change in his pitch type ratios in his first start. That appears to be a one-start blip, but the immediate results are intriguing.