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Viva El Birdos Podcast

VEB Podcast: Arenado, Wainwright, Coaching Changes

The VEB writers cover the big news items that have broken over the last few weeks.

VEB Podcast: 2022 Positional Grades

The writing team breaks down the 2022 Cardinals by position group with grades and thoughts for ‘23.

VEB Podcast: Wild Card Series Preview

The writers of VEB preview the Wild Card series versus the Phillies.

VEB Podcast: The Cardinals Clinch the Central

The Cardinals have clinched the NL Central. The VEB writers look back on an incredible season and ahead to the postseason.

Saturday Single: Kyle Reis on Alec Burelson’s Defense

Birds on the Black’s Kyle Reis joins the podcast to talk about Alec Burleson’s defense and jalapeno tater tots!

VEB Podcast: August Roster Review

The VEB writing team reviews the Brewers series, talks about the playoff-run roster, and what they want to see over the last month.

VEB Podcast: Trade Deadline Mega Episode!

The VEB Writing Team unite their powers to break down everything that happened with the Cardinals over the Trade Deadline.

VEB Pod: MLB Draft Review w/ Big Jawn Mize

Scout and VEB regular "Big Jawn Mize" joins the VEB Podcast to breakdown the Cardinals’ picks in the 2022 MLB Draft.

VEB Podcast: Blogger Day

The VEB Podcast is back! Blake, Scooter & JP break down the Q&A with John Mozeliak from the Cardinals’ Blogger Day event.

Saturday Singles: Connor Thomas

Memphis Redbirds starter Connor Thomas stops by to talk pitching mechanics, his new cutter, the Memphis Redbirds, and minor league housing improvements.

Saturday Singles: Evan Mendoza on Art, NFTs, & the Memphis Redbirds

Memphis Redbirds’ SS and UT stops by to talk about his art, promote a neat NFT event, and about how his defensive game has adapted.

Saturday Singles: Kyle Reis on Jordan Walker

Kyle Reis joins VEB’s "Saturday Singles" to discuss Jordan Walker’s hit tool and why he might be a fit in centerfield.

VEB Podcast #127: Opening Day is (Finally) Here!

Baseball is back! Real, regular season baseball!

VEB Podcast #126: Looking Back on 2018

We consider what happened and what’s next for the Cardinals following a rollercoaster of a season

VEB Podcast #125: Just Keep Winning

The Cardinals are alive in the playoff hunt–and we’re here to talk about it.

VEB Podcast #124: Trade Deadline Review, Pennant Chase Preview

Breaking down the Cardinals’ deadline deals and what they mean for the team going forward

VEB Podcast #123: An Uncertain Future

A discussion of the recent past and foreseeable future throughout the Cardinals organization

VEB Podcast #122: Winds of Change

The Cardinals have already shaken up their coaching staff, but are the most dramatic changes still to come?

VEB Podcast #121: To Sell Or Not To Sell?

That is the question (among others) we take on in the latest podcast episode.

VEB Podcast #120: Walkoffs and the beginning of the season

Dingers! Dingers!

VEB Podcast #119: The Will Leitch VEB Experience podcast

Hear us talk about baseball and then also basketball but then baseball again.

VEB Podcast #117: The 2018 MLB Preview Edition with Dayn Perry

We previewed the 2018 MLB season. With Dayn Perry.

VEB Podcast #116: Let’s talk about ‘spects, baby

...let’s talk about Fla-her-ty

VEB Podcast #115: The Paul DeJong extension and the Dinger Draft

VEB Podcast #114: Game Night

Not a whole lot happened in baseball over the last couple weeks, so we mostly just did Cardinals trivia.

VEB Podcast #113: Yu Darvish, Bud Norris, and Tommy Pham

We asked for free agency action. We should’ve been more specific.

VEB Podcast #112: Brewers moves, Grichuk comments, and the Cardinals Hall of Fame

Baseball discussion ensues!

VEB Podcast #111: Grichuk, the cold stove, and trivia

VEB Podcast #110: The one where we finally break down and discuss the DH

VEB Podcast #109: The Hall of Fame ballot edition

More like Hall of LAME, right? Wait, please, don’t leave.

VEB Podcast #108: Marcell Ozuna comes to town

Marcell Ozuna is in. Stephen Piscotty is out. A lot of other players are unknown. We discuss them.

VEB Podcast #107: Stanton, Ohtani, Mikolas, Gregerson, and future moves

Things actually happened so we talked about them.